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    Changing Databases???

    Hi, I'm moving a database from one server to another server...both have told me the server name is localhost.

    So when I am on one server, its localhost, but how do i go about accessing the localhost on the other server. I tried using mydomainname/localhost but that didn't do it.

    Anyone know.

    Heres the example of the code.

    PHP Code:
    Set newobjRecordset Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    newobjRecordset.Open "driver={MySQL};server=gamertags.phenominet.com/localhost;database=forum","*","*"
    Set objRecordset Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    objRecordset.Open "driver={MySQL};server=localhost;database=roth5000","*","*" 

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    localhost is a loopback address meaning, basically, 'the machine I am on'.

    if its a different machine, then you need the address for it. The machine also has to be set to allow you to remotely access that database.

    I would speak to your hosts to see if they allow this.
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