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    Post cju/cashpile discussions...and what you did not see behind the scenes!...lol

    Please post your thoughts on the days activities. I know my post below is long, trust me the ending is a shocker _____________________________________________

    Wow, what a day!!!!

    I had planned an early start to the day, as I knew that today was the big day. A full day of Lex responding to the masses, on what was hoped to be nuetral ground cashpile.com. This was his day to shine or his day to fall, the right thing was his to do if he were to choose that path.

    The day for many started last night, it looks like posts were being made off and on all night. I myself logged in about 9:30 my time, my plan for an early start ruined in exchange for a little extra sleep I felt was well worth it
    I numbered out 10 issues, admittedly a couple writtin just so Lex knew I was there.

    1: suggestion- Before posting on your message board you and your
    employees should sit down and decide on what your version of the "truth
    is going to be. I cannot even imagine how you feel when everybody gives
    different stories. It turns people off, and from what I can see Commission
    Junction is becoming a very lonely place.

    2: comment- good job with the CJU forums, atleast the pom-pom girls and
    the not so "you must be 18" group are still there. But I wonder what it was
    that scared you so much that you will no longer allow the masses to post.
    Is it because your attempts at banning the whistleblowers proved

    3: question- wouldnt your time be better served correcting any of the large
    number of problems you have, instead of spending all day on the
    ahfb2000.com forums (screen shots of proof posted)

    4: question-Now that the credibility of Commission Junction has fallen to a
    level that even Linkshare has never seen, what do you plan on doing to
    improve your image of being a group of liars?

    5: question- is it true that all a merchant has to do is <!-- comment out -->
    the shopping cart and nothing will be tracked, as one of you employees
    stated ...the system works on trust. Well I trust that CJ is letting
    everybody be ripped off.

    6: question- Please explain why you let merchants with 100% reversal rate
    to be a part of CJ.

    7: question-Why do you allow your employees (Todd Crawford) to write
    and have posted an article saying how all the publishers just want to rip
    off the merchants.

    8: question- Is it true that your program is SO BAD that all a person needs
    to make in order to be in the top 95% of earners is less than $100.00 a

    9: question- How can you call your company a "TRUSTED third party". I
    think the fact if you are trusted or not should be a state of mind of those
    affiliates and advertisers that use your so called service. I do not see many
    of those people using the word trust and CJ in the same sentence

    10: question-You have finally been successful in SLOWING DOWN the
    spread of the truth (you will never stop it). But you do not honestly think
    that the whistleblowers are off your forum for good do you?

    Most of these were answered with the typical rhetoric that has become his style. Some however caught my eye.

    3: question- wouldnt your time be better served correcting any of the
    >number of problems you have, instead of spending all day on the
    >ahfb2000.com forums (screen shots of proof posted)

    Although I've never been to your site personally, I'll trust that people from
    CJ have and your tracking a shared IP.

    >5: question- is it true that all a merchant has to do is <!-- comment out --
    >the shopping cart and nothing will be tracked, as one of you employees
    >stated ...the system works on trust. Well I trust that CJ is letting
    >everybody be ripped off.


    there was more to the answer but it was pure filth meant to cover up that the answer was YES


    Something else that seemed to strike a nerve was the way he began his whole reply


    I think it's fair to inform the readers of this forum that you were banned
    from CJU for abusive behavior. One of the great virtues of the net is open
    communication. One of its responsibilities is mutual respect, honesty, and
    self control, which is why you were banned. I'll try my best to answer
    your "questions":"

    Yes Lex I was banned, but if you want to go there I would like to go with you
    hence my reply:

    "Lets talk about it Lex, I would love EVERYTHING on the table.

    What happened? CJ extended all of the transactions for merchants that
    left with the new TOS. I tried thru professional and mature ways to handle
    this, as did others whom also found themselves banned. We were LIED to,
    your company blamed it on the merchants thinking that would be the end
    of the story. It was not to be, as the merchants took a stand against the
    LIES CJ was spreading about them. CJ by virtue of spreading lies thru
    writtin text opened themselves up to a possible lawsuit. Seeing that this
    did not work, employees of CJ began to make posts on the board giving
    various stories of how it happened, or how it only happened to 1 or 2
    people. My apologies if I was not laughing with you Lex, but for some
    oddball reason this infuriated me. My posts became more and more angry,
    as did those of MOST members(except for the pom-pom girls).

    So what happens, All of the Whistleblowers find themselves banned and
    CJ comes up with this great story of "ooops, software error". What else
    could they do, affiliates were angry, merchants were hostile at being used
    as pawns by CJ. Soon the pom-pom girls got angry and dis-trustful. They
    began to look into things furthur and discovered a huge hole in the
    Commission Junction tracking practices. And to make it worse, soon the
    head pom-pom girl who remains ever loyal goes on vacation. Now CJ has a
    forum which could quickly become a breeding ground for truth and "the
    right thing". CJ knows they must limit appearances on thier forum, the
    more visible they are the worse it looks when these issues remain
    unanswered. CJ finds that the remaining pom-pom girls are retreating and
    must now make it impossible to keep the forums open in the same fashion
    as was previously enjoyed.

    The truth will only harm you if you let it."

    I like to give credit where it is due, Lex I am not only surprised, but impressed that you did respond. One part of me said "he is going down the list and he will skip me" and something else told me you would not be that foolish, it would look terrible for you. It is much easier on the CJ forums where you can delete and ban the whistleblowers.

    At this point I decided to cut Lex a LITTLE slack, for the most part I layed off of him. But after a short while something else got my blood boiling. I saw a couple of posts deleted. Why in the world would a website who is trying to help affiliates be deleting these posts. Lex has ackowledged the problem for the first time because of what you brought us, does that mean you must protect him? It just did not make sense.

    I had another browser open with my email, I had also been in discussions all day with a CJ merchant regarding a private deal. After hitting "inbox" I see an email from cashpile...this could be interesting!

    Please chill out on your posts....

    ...I have removed several already and am fighting with CJ to keep several of
    your better posts.

    Wow, this guys reputation is at stake and CJ is running the show for him? how can he let Lex control him? I told him "Great Eric, You are fighting with CJ to keep my posts? I would not delete any more if I were you, your own text in this email could ruin the credibility of your website."

    Eric from cashpile:"Yes I am. They asked for a blanket delete of all your posts."

    I apologize to Eric, I was still so angry for the 2 deletes that I saw I somehow missed the point entirely. This guy is fighting along side me, not against me. I am sorry for my follow up email. I let him know not to disrespect me like CJ had. I wish I had seen how he was actually giving the most respect.

    I reposted the 2 posts that I saw were deleted, in these posts I too let it be said do not disrespect me and delete me again. Eric replied that my messages would stand, THEY WOULD NOT BE DELETED!

    What could this mean, could it send a message that we will NOT BE IGNORED. I am kinda giddy now I hit refresh this time, for the first time today, with a smile on my face.

    "Date: 8/7/2001 - 04:41 PM
    Author: Lex Sisney
    Subject: thank you

    Thank you to everyone that participated in this discussion. Your candor and
    insights were very helpful and enable us to build a better business.


    Lex "

    exactly 14 minutes after it being posted that my threads WOULD NOT BE DELETED, Lex is gone in a puff of smoke. I could not have writin a better ending. As luck would have it, I would not have to write a better ending, I would just have to hit inbox one more time.

    Sure enough one more email form Eric

    "you mentioned having Lex hang himself."

    Wow, who would have ever thoght the day would end up like this.

    response:"What I said was a very popular american phrase "giving somebody
    enough rope and they will hang themselves". In the context that it was
    writtin, it was refering to the fact that Lex had the forum for a day to
    say what he had to say, he had the rope so to speak. Lex could have done
    anything he wanted to with this today, the fate was his decision to
    make. So, what did Lex do...he hung himself."

    So where do we sit after all of this is now over. We got an answer from Lex as to how easy it is to rip off the system, all it takes is 6 keystrokes. We saw yet another attempt from Lex to manipulate public perception not caring about doing what was right and begining the re-building process. We learned that it is a very slow process that Lex undertakes when coming up with the same answers to so many different posts. I have shaved my legs, put on my Cashpile cheerleaders outfit, and am discussing ropes with fellow fighters.

    I need to go to bed.


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    Sounds like you and lex are getting to be pretty good friends. Haha, I said all I needed to say to lex in my last post on the other topic about this, so I won't say anymore. I think I'll go check out cashpile though, so, I may be back. Laterz.

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    Just a though, I think it is very funny they asked to remove your messages! What are they so afraid of? If they beleive it's useless **** then leave it there, but they obviously beleive it will turn some heads so they want to delete it. Very intresting. Dean, you've been very quiet through all this, what do you have to say? Haha.

    P.S. Answer when your drunk, it'll probably come out the best, haha, laterz.
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    I maybe should have mentioned that I am withdrawing from the fight against CJ. If there is one thing I have learned it is to go out on top. Under no circumstances would I go out under Lexs terms.

    I dont know why I do it, but when the little guy gets taken advantage of, I have a tendency to put myself in the middle. About 3 weeks ago, there was an incident at a stop light just around the corner. A fellow got out of his car, walked to a car in front of him and proceeded to whip up on him. Naturally, I thought it was wrong and got involved. I got yelled at when I came home covered in his blood. Keep in mind I do live in a nicer part of the city, not a lot of violent crime here. Well 2 days ago another instance of road rage just a couple blocks up the road, I was not involved thank goodness. But a 3 year old will never get to know his father.

    Do not let CJ take advantage of you, fight your fight, but know when to get out.

    best wishes,


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    Red face

    CJ, why do you not PERMANENTLY deactivate con artists like 'addictive games for your site'

    temporarily deativation means they can maintain their 75% chargeback rate and screw us again and again

    no sleep til theyre banned

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    I never really got involved too much, cause I didn't have a "status website", so to speak. I just said what I said just cause I guess I was fealing a little "weird", haha, and mad. Anyways, it's over now, and things will soon be looking more up for me, but I don't know about cj...laterz