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    where does cj's tos say you can be deactivated for transaction inactivity?

    i have been reading some of dave's threads about the nasty things being done at cj. no, i didn't make them a whole lot of money, but i did advertise for free basically, now my account has been deactivated for transaction inactivity, when they actually owe me some money! will i ever see my money? it was less than the $25 or $35 or whatever the payout amount is? should i dump cj completely?

    here is their response to me:

    Your account has been deactivated due to a lack of transaction activity. If you would like to try Commission Junction again please go to www.cj.com and sign up for a new publisher account. I have made the necessary adjustments in order for you to continue the use of your old email address. Please let me know if you require further assistance.


    i could not find this in their tos! is this legal?

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    You are not alone, I know of many webmasters deactivated, according to cj the had a work weekend and spent the time wearing out their boots.

    I am not sure of the CJ TOS wording anymore, as I no longer have access to it. I was part of the last round of deactivations. I do recall an email though that pretty much stated the following, affiliates without sales in a month will be charged , if I remember correctly, $10.00. These onies are removed from your balance, if your balance is less than the charge your balance gets taken down to 0 and any account without sales or balance for 6 months gets deactivated.

    Good news is that Valueclick, the owners of befree, purchased CJ about a month ago. I have been approached by a couple of befree merchants in the last couple of months and refused both offers, though may reconsider if they decide to do more about the theftware issue.