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    help! html beginner

    My format for my website is very unorganized, yet I managed to make some of it work. The site builder that I use already has a default font size and font, yet, after working with it for a long time, I managed to set it to the font face and size to the one I wanted. But when I posted a new web entry, that particular entry went back to the default. How can I set it so my whole page has that font and will stay that way?
    My site is http://www.xanga.com/sillygerl

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    Time and Effort

    My suggestion without knowing how much you do or don't understand is to study the CSS code within the page as that is the core of what's controlling the presentation/layout of your given page.

    Sitebuilder things are notorious for doing their own thing so you're gonna have to be able to get to the CSS or on a base level just get to where the sitebuilder allows for any type of FONT control and/or specification to be executed from the user level. Surely that's possible unless you're working with some ultra-restrictive sitebuilder type of item?

    If they allow you to mess directly with the code then it's a breeze in my opinion... if you have to do it though you better understand some CSS (class items) and Table/TR/TD stuff.

    Notice up top in the code of that page you'll see .namethis and .namethat. Those are your CSS class designations. Mess with the FONT spec there. Then further on down you should see like <td class="namethat"> or <td class="namethis"> which tells the td everything appearing in this table cell should be formatted according to what was specified in the given class name above.

    Good Luck!

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