I'm posting because I, like a lot of people who build their own PC's, have bought my hardware from Ebuyer a number of times. However, over the past year I have received nothing but bad service from this company and after complaining and complaining and complaining and getting nowhere I've had enough. If like me, you have been let down with delivery dates, the wrong items being sent, only receiving half your order or less at a time, orders being cancelled and a whole host of other problems when ordering from this company and if like me your complaints have been ignored or brushed off by their complaints / support department then I request that you join my list of dissatisfied customers. Once the list is up to a reasonable level, I plan to contact as many TV, Radio and Magazine consumer complaints programs as I can find, to get our complaints heard on the way this company treats its customers.

I intend to post this topic on as many forums as I can, if I get a good response I will create a web page with a form for those who have suffered poor service from Ebuyer to record their complaints.
I will post the URL for the complaints form as soon as it is clear that this campaign has enough support to be heard.

Thank you for your time.

Sir Sixx