Since a couple of weeks i am working again (been out for say a year designing websites) I am again working with PHP and MySQL. I understand/read JavaScript but cannot produce it myself. I searched/googled my butt off but can't find a solution for onclick or active menu images.
I know onouseover, onmousedown, onmouseout etc. So when you create a menu with images you can change the image.

For example:
I make a menu with images and when the mouse "hover" the images of the menu, the images change to image-2-onmouseover. When you click a menu item (image) another page load in a frame. What I want is that the script understands that a links is active and therefor show img_active.

When you hover you get (onmouseout)IMG_NORMAL, (onmouseover) IMG_MOUSEOVER and when the page is active - IMG_ACTIVE. The hover function of the active button is disabled. Of course the other buttons still have the hover (onmouseover) functionality but the active one stays on its IMG_ACTIVE untill another menu item is picked and that one is set on IMG_ACTIVE.

The site i am working on:

You see when you hover the menu the tekst (image) gets yellow. I want the star to turn red when the link is active in my "arena" frame, the context frame.

What I am doning now is:
I lpreoad the image of the menu to make the hover work. When clicking the menu item (image), I refresh 2 frames, 1. my contaxt frame (arena) and also the frame containing the stars. (I refresh 2 frames).

The frame with the stars in it have some small PHP code:
IF ($link==1) {star is red}ELSE{star is white}

When you click the menu you always refresh the extra frame which slows down the website. Anyone an idea?

Thank u in advance.