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    Lightbulb Dave....

    I really love the way you added the html tutorials to the left panel, but I still think you should have a link that leads to the one page that lists all of the lessons for your tutorials. 'Cause I recommended this site to my friend, but he said he had a little trouble understanding the tutorials in the form that they were on the left panel. Although he said he got it, it would just help the people just learning html who are not quite as......quick. Anyway, it's just a suggestion and correct me if I'm wrong. I love the new set up of course, and your site is great. I especially like the popularity checker, seeing as it saves me alot of time by adding all my sites to those search engines in one or two clicks. So, I'm just suggesting that you don't take away all the tutorials on the bar, just put one at the top that says like "Tutorial List" or something. Anyway, I'm just inputing But for the middle or 'expert' users who just want to get to something quick, it's great.] But if you don't like it, my bad
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    I will add the Table of contents
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