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    Insert a Webpage within a Webpage without Frames ??

    Hi There,

    This is most probably the wrong forum for this question, but here goes anyway...

    I run a webpage that rehomes dogs, the "urgent cases" change on a reasonably frequent basis and I like to keep the page as up to date as possible. My page is hosted on a server that does not give me any nice twiddly bits even CGI, however I do run another webpage on a server that does, so hopefully I could add anything fancy there and link to it... The company owns my domain name (DOH!!!) and want mega bucks to release it

    I have to use a dialup connection to update the page, which is very slow and a real pain now I have DSL.

    So what I wanted to do was this :

    The main webpage content always remains the same, (contact numbers etc. etc.) only one small table changes with the dogs details on. Hence what I would like to be able to do is pull in some html from the account I have DSL access to and insert it into the page I have to dial into so I can avoid the slow dialup. Doing it this way I could hopefully keep it looking seamless with the same fonts, colours etc.

    I know I could use Frames and this may be the only easy way to achieve what I need, does anyone have any other ideas that I could try ? I have looked for some scripts but cannot seem to find exactly what I need.


    - Andy

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    Hi there, welcome to the forums.

    Hmm. It depends exactly what is available from your host. If you have PHP (which I doubt, otherwise you wouldn't have to remote-host) then you could use fread() to read in the output of the page on your remote server. However, this prob is not the case.

    The only alternative, really, is to use either a remote javascipt call (eg <script src="http://etc..) or an iframe. Sorry, but your pretty limited by the sound of it.
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