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    Question displaying text in on a page from file...

    ok so I have to set this page up to be editable on a consistant basis by someone with absolutly no HTML or graphic experience. The question is:

    Is it possible to have him simply upload a notepad file with the text that he would like displayed and to have that text displayed.(obviously the notepad file would always have to have the same name). This way he could simply type the news updates in the site and upload that text file to the site after naming it properly. The page would then change the text that is displayed to match the text in the notepad file.

    Maybe I'm not explaining myself well. I'm trying to simply display text referenced from an outside file. Any help would be great.

    Thanks All.

    Rob Wells

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    It depends what server-side languages you have available.

    If php, try http://www.php.net/include/
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