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    Cool Let me introduce myself

    Although looking at some of the names in these forums some of you already know who I am. I am a graphic artist and web designer who is lucky enough to have Enigma as my partner in most of my ventures. I have one site that has grown quite popular over the last while to where it is now receiving about 40,000 hits a month and has a growth rate of about 7 to 10% per month although it is slowing down which is to be expected as it has to peak sometime. I also have a few sites which Enigma and I are partners in which are also showing a lot of promise including a forum setup similar to this one that it is there to help other webmasters in various areas of web development etc. Hopefully I will be of some help to a few people here as time goes by and I hope to get to know those of you that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

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    Beelzebulb welcome to the forums!

    I understand what you are saying, keep in mind though, when you have 10 visitirs a day it is a lot easier to have a 100% growth rate than when you have 1000 visitors a day.

    My average growth rate is also about 10% a month, which IMHO is perfect. This allows the webmaster time to sit back and analyze what exactly is going on with the website and make additions/changes as needed. Most websites that exceed this growth rate over an extended period of time give the appearance of confusion. It makes it nearly impossible to analyze traffic and determine the best possible route to take.


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