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    My Website "Icon"??

    If I create a shortcut to my website, the icon created is the "Netscape" default icon (Internet Explorer is my default browser, by the way). But, this only happens on SOME of my website pages. Also, when I visit some pages, the icon shown in the address bar is sometimes the "Netscape" default icon. How do I get these to default to the Internet Explorer icon? Is there some sort of meta tag stuff that I have to do? Or, is this just an issue with my system (my system could very well be jacked up!?!?!!)? Thanks in advance!!

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    Not strictly a html problem, moving to General Discussion...

    Sounds like your file types might be messed up.

    Try re-installing (or a 'repair') of Internet Explorer.
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    All browsers will have a default icon. When there isn't any icon set for the site, it will show that icon. So when you are viewing it through Netscape, there will be the Netscape icon, but you are viewing it through IE, it will show the IE icon.

    I don't know how to set up an icon, but that's something I could do for my site! I'll reply again when I find out how.

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