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    Post moreover question

    When did you come so closely linked? You advertise for them like crazy, do you get paid for it? Or is there some connection that I'm missing.

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    Do I get paid, yes I do. AHFB is a full time job, does it pay full time wages, not even close!

    When AHFB first began, I made a very common mistake, that is, if it pays slap it on. Unfortunately, when looking for LONG TERM success this method does not work. Many of you have noticed, that my database of links is now below 200, a drop of over 50%. I have spent the time and researched some of these companies, and way too many were just not what I would consider "quality". In the coming days and weeks you will see several more changes in the database. As I investigate every link I will dispose of those that will not benefit you much, and will let you know about those very special ones. Moreover is just one of those very special companies. In my opinion they are the very best of the webmaster related "freebies".
    Moreover offers something that most beginning webmasters NEED but do not have, and do not have the capabilities of producing themselves, that is dynamic content on the front page.

    Forget the fact, that search engines like fresh content, and just look at the vistors. Take 2 websites, identical in every way, the only difference is website "A" is the same this week as it was last week. Website "B" while the same in every other aspect has regularly updated news, news that is relevant to the subject that the user is surfing for. Which website would you frequent?

    You may be thinking "I dont want my vistors leaving my site to go read some stupid news article". Those that think that way are missing the boat, If they leave it is only because you are giving them what they want, again relevant to the subject matter that they are surfing for. Who will they visit next time, site "A" who still has the same old stuff that I saw last time and the time before, or website "B" who will probably have something new to show me today.

    Remember, people do not return to websites to see a scrolling status bar message or some freaky little animated gif. You entice the user to return with quality and dynamic content.

    So I guess the short answer would be yes I get paid, is that why I do it...no, When ever you see AHFB suggest another company it is about maintaining integrity, and giving the visitor something the need or could use.


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