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  5. 4.01 Transitional vs. 4.01 Strict    Forum: HTML Forum
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    Question HTML 4.01 Transitional help

    I had been to W3C to check my css many times but finally decided to check my html. I want to be 4.01 Transitional but am not sure if it's possible. I am having a tough time finding a good website that covers all this so if anybody here knows of one that would be great.

    Let me ask a couple quick question about css first...

    The css validator doesn't like my ie scroll bars. So I put them in a seperate css file and used the @import url("ie.css"); tag. The validator gives me this error,

    Parse error - Unrecognized : @import url("ie.css");

    Can I still consider my code css valid or am I doomed to invalidity.

    The css validator also gives me this warning,

    Line : 0 font-family: You are encouraged to offer a generic family as a last alternative

    My css looks like this,

    { font-family : Verdana, sans-serif; }

    I'm not sure what to do to get rid of this warning.

    Now for my html 4.01 transitional questions...

    Is there any alternative to using these tags?

    topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"

    My height attribute works fine in css unless I try and use the height="100%" by itself in css. My pages break, but if I put the height="100%" in the html it works fine.

    and finally, is there any way around the errors that my flash tags are generating. Is there some type of way of telling the parser that the following is a object or am I just out of luck.

    All my pages look fine in Opera 7.21 & IE 6.0. My only probelm is with NN 7 & Mozilla 1.5. On pages using the height tags the page will load the images and then continue loading the text. The text will extend the length of the page but the loaded images will stay put. It's only a cosmetic problem. If I reload the page everything looks fine. Should I add a javascript preloader of some sort (for NN browsers only) that will preload the pages to keep this from happening or is there another fix that anyone knows of?

    Thanks in advance. I see after I registered I can know search the forums. So i'll start doing that right now.

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    You should post your CSS questions in the CSS forum to make sure somebody capable sees it.

    regarding your margins, you should also do this with CSS

    	margin-right: 0;
    	margin-top: 0;
    	margin-left: 0;
    	margin-width: 0;
    	margin-height: 0;
    font error:
    I think arial and helvetica are generic fonts add these after your sans-serif.


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    I don't think Netscape supports @import.
    Check these sites for reference (its all just a google away ):


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