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    Wink What do you think of my site... (noob)

    <a href="www.interpim.com">www.interpim.com</a> It is my first attempt at a website, and I pretty much taught myself any HTML by looking at online tutorials and such... Please tell me what you think, and please offer any suggestions on what you think I could do better.... Thanks

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    Cool animated menu! This is constructive criticism, so please don't take it the wrong way. I am not convinced that the black background is the best choice for the subject matter. It doesn't compliment the child's pict very well, or the family theme. If you are totally set on black, at least make the background on the menu black as well. It looks kind of tacky having this part dark gray, as there is no reason to separate it from the background. Also, when I clicked into the gallery, I found my only option for returning to the home page was to use the back button. IMHO your navigation system should provide links back to the home. Making a user click the back button is bad practice. Think of the site as self contained, and don't rely on the browser to provide navigation. Hope this helps!

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