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    Finding the best resource for SEO information

    In looking to see how I could design my site in a such a way that it would appear high up in search engine rankings, I discovered a whole new world and a confusing mass of information.

    Using Google, I typed in a few phrases and got the following results:

    “Search engine optimization” 1,290,000 sources listed
    “Search engine optimization services” 41,850 sources listed
    “Search engine optimization tips” 6,150 sources listed
    “Search engine optimization links” 4,320 sources listed
    “Search engine optimization resources” 3,650 sources listed
    "Search engine optimization information" 2,460 sources listed
    "Search engine optimization expert" 2,220 sources listed
    "Search engine optimization advice” 1,300 sources listed

    As I worked through several hundred of these listing, it became clear that nowhere was there a fully comprehensive resource. Taken together, it was a confusing morass of subjective opinion and conflicting information that could take weeks to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

    As my work involves using genetic algorithms to deal with multiple variables, I thought I’d put it to work to devise a system that could sort through all this information to produce an optimally efficient list of links that would cover all the various aspects of search engine optimization.

    Using artificially intelligence methods is useless here. The values are subjective and the search engines keep changing their algorithms to foil the tricksters. The only solution was to use a strategy that could take into consideration human judgement. It had to be a collaborative effort, which could be guided by a genetic algorithm.

    If anyone is interested in taking part, I’ve now set up such a system up to create an optimum resource for search engine optimization. It’ll involve some effort, but you’ll get to learn a lot about the various strategies and techniques that are used in this important area of Web site design.

    A demo can be seen at:


    Perhaps of further interest. This same system can be adapted to produce optimal information resources in any subject area.

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    As I understand it, you're saying that search engines would be better if they took individual's bookmarks into consideration to determine what pages are the best resource on a topic. Search engines to look at user behavior to determine relevancy, but none that I'm aware of use your proposed strategy.

    Google uses the number of links to a page to determine a page's importance while Alexa measures the number of page visits tracked by their toolbar.

    I wonder how long would it take before a huge number of web sites had a pop-up window with a Bookmark Us link to automatically ad their site to user's favorites?

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