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    chat room

    hi i need help i want to be able to host a chat room to go wityh a site im going to sart becuase im planing to mae then register for a chat room the chat room needs to have a adin bit so i can ban and do other funcitions it also needs tohave navigators if uve seen www.lycos.co.uk chat room im aiming for something along those lines i would rahter do it my self and have a step by step on how to do this but if there is none but you know how to i would aprefiate you step by step or personal help ! so pklz help thx soz bout spells

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    We need to know how far you have got so far. If you haven't started yet, we will point you to some tutorials.

    I can barely understand your post, rather than apologizing for 'spells' (witchcraft?) might be easier for us to help you if you just check your spelling before you hit 'Submit'.
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