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    Linux & Server: The early years

    I've been very busy for some time now and have generally neglected my computer duties (*gasp*), but since the Linux conference was at my university last month and I skulked around in corners (I needed to go to the library ok? Not really.. I was being a sadcase but it was neat) my enthusiasm for actually seriously using my linux system has regenerated.

    Anyone run a server on Linux here (she asks knowing full well "yes")? If so, what's ur setup? I'm using a stripped down & tailored Mandrake version (hard 2 explain) for the moment because Apache killed my kids and it was all nice and automated for a linux-dullard like me. But I like to grow.. and I'm just curious to hear ur esteemed advice on what u use n why it works for u.

    Oooh I get 5 gold stars for originality on THAT question *rolls eyes* nevermind.

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    I dont use linux, but I have a server running FreeBSD UNIX at home. Its fully linux-compatible, so there is not much difference.

    One advantage is the ports system. Once installed, its very easy to install any software you need and all their dependants.

    eg, I did make install in /usr/ports/www/mod_php4 and it installed apache first as it was dependant.

    Other than that, I just use a router to point any web & ftp requests direct to this box and its all up and running.
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