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    Help with my problem...

    I've already mailed a few of you about this...
    In my site http://adorablelostpuppy.blogspot.com There is a problem with my "div#main". It is supposed to stay directly next to the "div#sidebar" and under the "div#top". It doesn't. Instead it appears that way at first, then it snaps underneath the "div#sidebar". I would use an "absoluteosition;" but I want the "div#sidebar" to be able to slide to the left if the window is resized, and the "div#main"'s text to wrap. If I used the "absoluteosition;" the "div#sidebar" would slide underneath "div#main" and become not visible. I would like to fix this... All of the code errors that were generated were from the www.blogger.com's automation... So it's not my code that's messed up...

    Oh yeah... And about that comment <!--<body>-->.
    I put that there to trick www.blogger.com's automation into inserting code into the comment. Usually it put's it in front of the body tag, which results in a big ugly banner on the top of you site. I just moved the big ugly banner to the bottom by tricking the automated code, then copying it from the comment, and posting it to the bottom.
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    1: You should read the annoucement regarding pming admins and mods.

    2: You have the wrong impression of us if you thought we would be proud that you found a way to rip off blogger.com

    thread closed - member removed -you would not like us anyway.


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