Hey guys, I'm looking to start a dating site and am not a programmer. With being on a pretty small budget, I'd like to build the site myself...I'm trying to find out if a WYSIWYG program such as Namo WebEditor would be a program that could handle hundreds of members. Have any program recommendations? I'm aware of Dreamweaver and Frontpage, however I'd like to find a reputable WYSIWYG type program since that wouldn't take months to learn.

Also, for anyone who would know, what would be some possible negative/conflicting issues that I should watch out for in using a WYSIWYG program for a dating site that is database driven.....and lastly, I was told by someone to maybe look into hotscripts or mambo-would it be feasible to actually find appropriate scripts to create an efficient and customized dating site? Sounds like that option could be pretty complicated. Thanks for anyone's time and recommendations