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    Frontpage server extensions; publish from one remote server to another

    Hello there, i post this here because i didnt find any other category

    Hope you can help me with this

    Because of one client, we installed the frontpage extensions, fp40.linux.tar.z, on one linux server that we use as a test web server.

    When installing i specified the location of httpd.conf, and created a root web in the docroot of apache. Then put the html files there. After, i created a user using fpsrvadm.exe in the linux cli, with something like

    fpsrvadm.exe -o security -a authors -u username -pw password

    and that was ok. I checked the .htaccess files, and the service.pwd and service.grp files and seemed ok.

    I restarted the web server also.

    Our client has the production web server (it is a unix, i remember it is solaris), and they also have the frontpage extensions installed there. They are trying to upload the files from our test web server to their production web server.

    The procedure is:
    - using frontpage on a pc, they open a web, specifying http://123.456.789.123 (our test server ip), write username and password and thats ok, they can see the files in the test server.
    - they try to do a publish to their production web server, they write their ip address, their user and passwd, BUT then the proccess seems to hang. The message that appears in the window is "Listing pages in http://123.456.789.123" (yes, our test server ip address). And it just stays there, no publish.

    I saw one related message in a forum that says that the first time it lasts about 15 minutes to read files, and the second time and on it is much faster. But i waited longer and no change (i increased temporarily the apache timeout variable to 20 minutes, and waited to the publish, but nothing).

    I know the pc frontpage client is accessing the test server because it can open the site, requesting username and password, and a logline in the access_log of apache:

    123.456.789.30 - username [17/Feb/2004:21:13:40 -0600] "POST /_vti_bin/_vti_aut/author.exe HTTP/1.1" 200 61397

    When trying to read the files of the site a logline like this appears in error_log (thats why i tried to increase timeout):

    [Tue Feb 17 21:33:41 2004] [error] [client 123.456.789.30] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: ap_content_length_filter: apr_bucket_read() failed

    The idea is that in the test web server the frontpage user can read the files and upload them to the production web server, using frontpage client on a separate pc.

    So, i am running out of ideas to solve this problem, i will keep thinking about it, but I ask for your help to solve this please, what could be wrong? is it a configuration thing in our test server? its the first time i deal with this frontpage extensions, and i am reading the documentation, but i certainly could use some of your experience...

    Thank you very much

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