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    display different data in same popup

    Hi guys

    I have a problem in javascript popup, heres what i want to do

    I have 5 <h href> links </a> which has to be display different data in the same popup window when clicked on the link. 5 links passes 5 different values to the popup window and display data according to the value received. The popup is a .php file. Upto this point it all works fine, when i click the first link the popup pops with the correct detail. But when i click the second link it show the correct detail but the popup window get minimized and the user has to maximize it to see the data.

    I need to keep the popup window open when user clicks all 5 links and data to show on the same popup.

    can anyone help.

    thanks in advance
    hv a nice day guys
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    Simplest is probably to add
    <body onLoad="this.focus();">
    in your popup document.
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