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    java scroll bar script?

    Okay, so far I have this http://www.flaming-wookie.net/eamo/. I want to put text in the blank table on the right, but using javascript scollers. I know I've used them once before, but I'm not sure of exactly what to call them because whenever I try to do a search, all I'm coming up with are marquee tutorials.

    I don't want to use the regular scrollbars. Last time it came with a javascript file to upload onto the webpage and a code to cut and paste into the page. It was pretty easy to use.. you could upload your own images for the buttons, set how fast it scrolled, and all that fun stuff.

    Does something like that still exist?

    Also, while I'm posting, on the same page.. I can get the whole table to center horizontally, but is there a way to also center it vertically?

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    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    If its vertical scrolling your after, I happen to have a good example in my clipboard from 3 posts ago


    Two versions there, auto scroller and 'on demand' scroller.

    As for the vertical alignment. In theory, you can with CSS2, but its not actually in the browsers yet. Best bet for now is probably to 'fake' it with margins at the top.
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