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    Hi Folks

    I sold my house. I bought another house. I'm taking advantage of a hot real estate market here, so I've been pretty busy with that (and work). In all, it took three weeks and a day from when we decided to move on to getting both deals finished up. (I got four offers on my house!)
    I haven't been around much lately (except to read up on other people's coding problems) so I had time tonight to stick my head in and say "Hi, how's it going?".

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    I was wondering about you. Congrats on the home news, 4 offers sounds like you may have shown a little profit

    A buddy of mine pre-inherited some rentals in parts of San Antonio called Alamo Heights and Terrel Hills. These small towns were the Super rich from the decades before me, still beautiful properties reserved for those with a little $ to spare.

    For the last 6 months or so I have gutted out the Alamo Heights property and have been redoing it all. The project took on a life of its own as I took this place which had sat vacant for 8 years and restored it to the beauty that it once was. What was the worst property is now the best he has.

    I was getting attached to not only the property but the project of restoring it and bringing it back to life. Out of the blue he called me, said he was now afraid to rent it to just anybody and asked if I would rent it, he offered me a deal which is 25% if what I figure it should easily go for.

    I move in 3 weeks I still have 4 weeks of work and will be moving a friend for the next 2 weeks

    I have been waiting to share that, lol

    I hope you enjoy your new place, sit down and enjoy your desk every now and then


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    Sounds like a great place. Post some pics
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