I am asking for some critique on my new website service i have launced. If this is the wrong place can the admin please move it to the proper place.

i have just launched my site e-linkmanager.com which is a service for webmaster. It creates link exchange pages wihtout the webmaster needing to do any of the coding or scripting. It also has a reciprocal link checker for webmasters. All webmasters have to do is click on couple of things and they have themselves a link exchange program. All files are uploaded to the webmasters ftp, all files are HTML so no scripting required. Its a FREE service. I am hoping to get some reviews from webmasters in what they think and how i could improve the site.

Please let me know how can i make my site better for webmasters.

Also i would like your input on what i can do to make thsi service better.