I am having a problem adding simple java script onClick
open new window into a DTHML CSS sheet. I can use the script anywhere but here.

Here is my coding. If someone can figure out exactly withing the coding, what line etc.. to place onClick to work please show me here. I cannot roll out web site until I figure it out. Here is DTHML Code which uses JavaScript 1.2:

<script language="JavaScript1.2" src="../popouttext.js">
<script language="JavaScript1.2">

mymenu = new POTMenu
// Defines the size of the main menu items, width and height
// Defines the size of the sub menu items, width and height
// Defines the position of the sub menus in relation to the parent

// This line is required here
// Define the main menu.
mymenu.addMenu("Home","<b>Home</b>", "index.htm")
mymenu.addMenu("Bond Offerings","<b>Bond Offerings</b>", "")
mymenu.addMenu("Clearing Firms","<b>Clearing Firms</b>", "")

// This line is required after the main menu is defined.
// Define the sub menus
mymenu.addSubMenu("Clearing Firms", "", "<b>Wells Fargo</b>", "https://ibisdirect.com/default.asp")

OK. I am attempting to open the https:// address seen on line up in a new window. I do not know what script will work or exactly where to place it here to work.