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    Lightbulb Question about Links..

    Is there a way to make multiple target destinations for one link, like how some dvd's have random menu screen selectors. lets say i make 3 websites for the same thing, and the layout and look of each is different, if i were to have a page for entering the site and a link set up that would randomly select one of the 3. I've never heard of or seen it done before, but it'd be a neat idea, just wondering if anyones ever heard of/seen something to that effect.

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    XML...When W3.org pull there finger out!

    For what you want to do you would need to use an XML linking specification such as XLink or XPointer.
    Some of the new enhancements for these specifications include:

    * Multi-directional links enabling users to choose or be randomly directed from a list of destinations by selecting just one link.

    *Building a page from a different source. ie: developers could place content of another site into their pages just by pointing a llink to the content!

    *Links can be stored in a database, cutting down the time developers spend updating links within each of their docs.

    //unfortunately the spec for XLink is in working draft form and IE currently doesnt support any of th elinking specifications.

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