Hi !
I have a website, and it works perfectly, but i have 2 friends that also work on the project but they don't know ANYTHING about coding or uploading, so i want to make it a little bit easyer for them
i need some kind of login so that when they logged in, they get a form with this on it:
Mannen/Vrouwen: when "mannen" is inserted, i want it to be written to mannen.htm, when "vrouwen" is inserted, i want it to be written to vrouwen.htm
Foto Upload:
so that this will be modified to what they filled in:

<div align="left"><br>

<table width="384" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">


    <td width="100"><div align="center"><img src="pics/*THIS SHOULD BE THE PICTURE THEY UPLOADED* width="99" height="111"></div></td>

    <td width="200"><p class="style1">Naam: *THIS WHERE "NAAM" IS INSERTED* </p>
      <p class="style1">Leeftijd:*THIS WHERE "LEEFTIJD" IS INSERTED* </p>
      <p class="style1">Woonplaats: *THIS WHERE "WOONPLAATS" IS INSERTED" </p></td>

hopefully you understand a little bit what i mean


PS: i didn't know if this is java, or php, or whatever, sorry if i put this in the wrong section