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    Medium developed website for sale

    admin note Post removed, reasons

    1:After putting the "site" online as per my suggestion, I see it contains many adult images which we do not allow links to.

    2: Comments on the site suggest all aspects of the original post to be untrue.

    thread locked.
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    You would probably get better responses if potential buyers had something concrete as to your sites past or present. Since you currently do not have the actual website up the present cannot be seen, therefore a vision of the history is even more important.

    To learn a bit about the site, since there is nothing known at this time that is verifiable, I did a WHOIS which shows the domain just registered in January of this year. A visit to the waybackmachine did not show any history for this site.

    Do you think maybe uploading the site may help people have something to look at other than a post?

    just a thought.


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