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    Question Yet another music question....but

    I've read all the relevant post I could dig up, but I'm still not sure how to code my idea.

    No, I'm not gonna use the music as background music.
    No, I'm not violating any copyrights - its all own compositions.
    Yes, I AM aware of loading times for mp3files...

    I'm working on a page for one of my bands - I've been heading for as simple a design as possible, keeping only to html and css so far. I've used frames but I guess I'll be rewriting that since frames are so evil http://www.webforumz.com/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&TOPIC_ID=395 ...

    My site is at www.maghrebnights.com

    At the music section ("musikk", no english yet) I've put up a few songs. So far they are simple links to the mp3files, but what I want to achieve is to add buttons on the righthand side after each song both for listening to and to download the songs. As for downloading I'll just make links, but how do I fix the listening (preferably done by streaming)?

    I'm not gonna succumb to flash, and I'm hoping to avoid javascript allthough I dunno if that is possible.
    Realmedia is out of the question (as they have possibly the most annoying mediaplayer outthere, and not many people have installed the Real Alternative codec).

    Any hints are greatly appreciated!

    You seems like a nice bunch, pleased to be here

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    Hi Grimm,

    this site: http://www.blogdrive.com/site/musicmp3.html explains very well, various effective methods of streaming mp3s.
    Hope it helps.


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