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    Hello Dave, and Everyone.

    My name is Costas Christofides.

    I found this site today as I was looking in the net for something else.
    So I enter in, and join you, with the hope that I will learn something more about HTML.

    I am the WebMaster of http://christofides.com

    Together with a friend of mine we created the site http://harmawines.christofides.com

    I created my site in order to help me (and others) finding thinks easier in the Net.

    I have to admit that when I started my page I did'nt know a think about HTML.
    I just had my inspiration as I was sleeping, I woke up in the night and type it in a text editor, few months ago.
    I do not know how I did it, I just did.
    (Next day I was wondering what each line of the code does...)

    I have learned some basic thinks now, by experiment, and I hope I will get to know more form this site.

    I am dealing with Computer problems in my free time, as a Hobby, But my normal job is in a Kithen.

    Well, thats all about me,
    You must get bored reading all theese...

    Buy for now,

    Christofides Costas

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    Hey Christofides, welcome to the forums

    Costas Christofides, this must be the coolest looking name I have ever come across.

    If I had a name like that I would put on the biggest fake accent "Hello me beautiful lady, me name is Costas Christofides, and I am here to save you."

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