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    Unhappy Help w/ Search Script

    Never mind, I figured it out. (finally) *jumps up and down and does a happy dance*

    After I posted my major plea for help, I went back to my modified script, pulled out my 'CGI Programming 101' book for reference, and ran the debug program. The problems weren't in the main script program, but in the search subroutine (which was actually the main search program of the free script that I downloaded). The free scripts search program was written the old way, where I've been learning to write script using CGI.pm.

    I know, it shouldn't have clashed too much, as there's more than one way to write a script. But it seemed that what I wanted the script to do, it wouldn't work until I removed certain elements from the original search program (which was written the old way). *shrugs shoulders*

    I'm still having problems with bolding or highlighting the keywords found on the results page. *sighs*

    Give me some time to try and crack this one on my own first, then I'll get back to ya'll. *bangs head on keyboard, repeatedly*
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