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    quik question reguarding includes

    When i copy paste exactly what is in the includes into the file below - it works as it should. However, when i include the files header.php and footer.php, it generates the following errors. Parse error: parse error in /home/thevaria/public_html/tests/header.php on line 5 test Parse error: parse error in /home/thevaria/public_html/tests/footer.php on line 2

    $varone = 1;
    if ($varone == 1) {
    <!-- just above here is where the header.php file would have ended. -->


    <!-- just below here is where the footer.php file would have began. -->

    The file with the includes looks like this..

    <? include "header.php"; ?>


    <? include "footer.php"; ?>

    Like i said the includes are copied exactly from the code you see at the top, php tags and all. Any help is appreciated thx in advance.

    *EDIT* for the heck of it i also tried include_once() with no luck :/
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