Ive got a .ani which works fine offline using the original files i made but when i try it online, onmouseover shows a simple default cursor after a brief instance of it saying downloading lotsofsubfolders/.../myCursor.ani. This is how i have it written:

<a style="cursor:url(pointer.ani)" href="javascript:" onClick="return false" onmouseover="myspeed=-thespeed; MouseOnUpScroll();" onmouseout="myspeed=0;MouseOffUpScroll();">
<img name="scrollUp" src="ScrollTopSlider.gif" border="0"></a>

Could the javaScript be conflicting with this somehow? Im extremely new to javascript, css, html and whatnot. I only have a good background in C,C++, java ...

if anyone knows what im doing wrong or a workaround, id appreciate your knowledge.