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    Post Frames

    I'm stumpped. I recently have obtained a HTML Editor and am overall pleased with the help file that accompanied it. HOWEVER, it failed to provide ant information on


    Just putting these tags into the editor, and clicking on preview, will give a window in the upper left corner of the screen. But how does one go about placing anything inside that window.

    I e-mailed this question to the author/designer and in return got a very nasty reply.

    Could someone please explaine what the <iframe> tags is and give an example of how to use it?
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    Be honest with you I dont know anything about iframes, let me tell you why.

    Iframes were started by netscape(ok may have been ie), and are still only readable thru thier browser. Until iframes are recognized thru both major browsers they are something that I would stay away from.


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    The only instance I would use IFRAMES is if your site is about Internet Explorer (the creator)

    An Iframe works the same way as a regular frame.

    <IFRAME name="MainWindow" SRC="url.html" height=300 width=400>You are not using an IFRAME capable browser</IFRAME>

    You can stick some other things inside the <iframe>

    <iframe src="ham.html" name="main" NORESIZE BORDER="4" BORDERCOLOR="#ff0000" scrolling="yes">
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