I'm doing some browser testing on a site thats just about ready to go and there's just one thing that's holding me up. Is there a bug in Netscape 4.x that prevents anchored links from working correctly if they're not on teh same page as the calling link? Ok, I just confused myself and this should not be confusing so let me explain.

I've got a page x.html. On page x.html, there's a link like so:
<a href="y.html#middle">Middle of y</a>.

And on page y there's the anchor like so:
<a name="middle"></a>

So clicking on Middle of y takes you to middle in all browsers it seems but netscape 4.7. When I click on it in Netscape, it actually takes me to the bottom of page y, seemingly ignoring the anchor.

Does anyone else have any experience with this or any suggestions to solve it?

Thanks in advance.