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    problem script with older browsers

    On the link below, I wrote a script to make someting visible an hidden. Though I thougth the script was relatively easy, it doesn't seems to work on older browsers (or older platforms).

    I work with the latest MS Explorer on XP, and the script works fine by me. Problem starts with Win 2000, and browser that came with it.

    the page:


    sorry page is in dutch.

    Hope you can help

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    It depends on which browser, which version. Which you have not supplied, so I'll have to guess.

    Older browsers do not have a good implementation of the Document Object Model, or CSS and of course JavaScript was also dodgy back then.

    If someone is STILL using an old browser, then they are used to fancy effects not working, and have very good reasons for still using the old browser. I wouldn't worry about it.
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