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    Putting the grand design on paper - or not

    When you have decided in your mind on the design of a website that is to be a winner, what is the next step for most people?

    Is the design drawn onto some layout-sheet and then worked on - by you or staff?

    Someone said they lay ideas out in Fireworks. But in newspapers and magazines, the design goes onto lay-out sheets.

    Be keen to know how most developers begin a design.

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    I am still a relative newcommer to web design. when I first started I found my A4 pad designs very useful as a reference
    it can be very easy to get lost in the code when you start.

    Differnt people have their own way of working. Some look upon a pencil and pad as part of their web tools.

    It can be extremely helpful to brainstorm, doodle graphics idea's, page lay outs and rough out a kind family tree
    style site map to get a picture of how the content and pages will relate and link to one another.

    I'm not sure about Fireworks or Lay-out sheets Someone on here is bound to know though.

    Hope this is of some help.


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