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    Question on menu target???

    Good Day All,

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in or not but I've been banging my head on the wall with this and can't seem to find the answer, if there is one. So here goes away....

    I'm trying to put an applet menu on a frames page and have the links only open in the main portion of the page... (three frames....banner, contents and main) The menu resides in the "contents" frame. Not sure what I'm overlooking or misreading here but I'm sure it's probably something pretty simple.

    I've tried all sorts of combinations for the target and the only change I can get is if target=_main, the called page will open in the "contents" frame (same frame as the link was in).

    Below is the applet code, which does work but opens Page 3 in the "contents" frame. Any other target value I've tried opens a new window with the called page. I've shortened the post to only one of the applet codes but it will have about 7-8, if I can get it to do what I'd like.

    <applet code="fphover.class" codebase="./" width="120" height="24">
    <param name="color" value="#000080">
    <param name="hovercolor" value="#0000FF">
    <param name="textcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
    <param name="text" value="Page 3">
    <param name="font" value="Times">
    <param name="fontstyle" value="bold">
    <param name="fontsize" value="20">
    <param name="url" valuetype="ref" value="Page3.htm">
    <param name="target" value="_main">
    <param name="effect" value="glow">



    Below is my frameset code:

    <frameset rows="190,*" framespacing="0" border="0" frameborder="0">
    <frame name="banner" scrolling="no" noresize target="contents" src="HEADER.HTM" marginwidth="3" marginheight="3">
    <frameset cols="159,*">
    <frame name="contents" noresize target="main" src="SIDEBAR.HTM" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" style="text-align: Center; line-height: 100%">
    <frame name="main" src="HOMEPAGE.HTM" noresize target="contents" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="auto" style="font-family: Comic Sans MS; font-size: 12pt; color: #800000; font-weight: bold">

    Might I be trying to accomplish something that can't be done with this particular applet code??

    I also created a standard text hyperlink right below the applet menu and it worked exactly as it should.......opened the called page in the main frame.

    Thanks for any input,


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    Try this, remove the targetting in the frameset, it does not belong. In the java applet, the target value should be the name of the appropriate frame.


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    Gooooooooood Morning Dave.........

    You, my man, have just made my day........

    Geeeeeeesh.....I do feel rather stupid here though....upon your suggestion and to make sure I caught all the errors in the frameset, I ran it through a validator. That caught the target errors and also the closing body tag had some non-allowed stuff in it. That cleaned it up. The applet still didn't work right but I found out, through a bit of trial and error, that the underscore in the target value in the applet was another culprit. When I took that out, all worked fine.......and I can now move on with this project..........

    Again, thank you very much, and you have a great weekend,


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    Re: Question on menu target???

    I'm new here. Can you explain me how you made your link in your scrolldown menu open in an other frame?
    I've got no real experience with javascript, but this is what I've got sofar: (got the script of a script site).
    Thanks in advance

    <BODY bgcolor="#000000" text="#00FF00" link="#FF9933" vlink="#00FFFF">
    <!-- Step 1 add the script below to your HEAD tag -->
    <script language="JavaScript">

    <!-- Hide the script from old browsers --
    function surfto(form) {
    var myindex=form.dest.selectedIndex
    <!--Step 2 Add the following to your web page -->
    <FORM NAME="myform">
    <SELECT NAME="dest" SIZE=1>
    <OPTION SELECTED VALUE="">---------- A Simple Menu -----------
    <OPTION VALUE="http://www.leejoo.nl/">leejoo's webhebbies
    <OPTION VALUE="<A href="http://home.12move.nl/~sh735055">leejoo">http://home.12move.nl/~sh735055">leejoo design
    <OPTION VALUE="<A href="http://www.startpagina.nl">startpagina.nl">http://www.startpagina.nl">startpagina.nl
    <OPTION VALUE="<A href="http://www.sportshoplochem.nl">sportshop">http://www.sportshoplochem.nl">sportshop lochem
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="start Surfing!" onClick="surfto(this.form)">


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