Hello Everyone,

My name is Klaas Koopman, and I'm from the Netherlands. I am 17 years old at the moment, turning 18 at 08-10-1986.
I currently work as a Freelancer in Webdesign with a great team of friends I met on the internet. I am the layout designer, but I am currently learning the coding part of the layouts.

You can see my portfolio site located at http://www.kkportfolio.net. Note that we are still working on the site. The new and improved version will be online this weekend probably or otherwise, next week.
Other work of mine, none updated, can be found at my deviantart gallery: http://klaaskoopman.deviantart.com

If you need any help regarding something or nothing, contact me, even if you want to know something about me, you are able to contact me at: email removed
Thank you for your time,

Klaas Koopman