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    Question Is it possible to have 2 frames with 1 universal scrollbar?

    Hi guys,

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I have set up my website with two frames (one for navigational purposes and one for the target page). The target frame has a vertical scrollbar. The navigational frame fits on users' screens set at 1024x768, but does not fit on at the 800x600 resolution, especially as I intend to add more to the navigational frame.

    My site is: http://learnerdriver.net

    My question is: : Is it possible to link the two frames together so that the vertical scrollbar on the target frame also scrolls the navigational frame? I DO NOT want a scrollbar on the navigational frame. I want to somehow link the two frames together as if they are one.

    Many will probably suggest to use tables instead of frames, but I have set the site up now, and to change it would mean starting over (unless someone has a five miunte solution!). I sincerely hope there is a solution, and if not, why not!?

    Your urgent help would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks,


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    Hey Ged, welcome to the forums.

    Unfortunately the news is not good for you, as there is not a way that I am aware of that a user can scroll both framed pages with one scroll.

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