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    Angry Dynamic JS Array Problems in IE6

    Having a very annoying problem that I cannot get rid of, so hopefully someone can help. I have attached a zip file containing a cut down version of the site I am working on and the problem that is happening. Basically I have a JS array stored in the top frame that is passed into a function that populates a select list on a page loaded into one of the frames. Selections from this select list change the display in a text area from another array. There is a Query Tool button that opens a pop-up window that also has a select list populated from the top frame array and essentially works as its opener works except that its added functionality allows users to add to these arrays dynamically, i.e. if they type into the text area and the text field of the pop-up window and press Process Query the new information is automatically added to the pop-up window select list and its opener window select list as if it was part of the original array. This all works fine in Netscape 7 but in IE6 if you close the pop-up window and reopen it a horrible error message appears-
    'The calee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call did not execute.'
    I have searched for a solution, however have found nothing conclusive. I feel that I am loosing reference to the array but don't fully understand what is wrong as it works fine in Netscape so my concepts are correct. Could somebody have a look at the code and try and reproduce the problem and maybe then explain it as understanding whats going wrong might help me design a different method of achieving the same functionality. There is only a minimal amount of PHP but you will still need to have it installed.


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