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    The sad truth

    Firefox would be great.
    But still 93% of users here are using one version or another of IE.
    And if one make a webpage for "a greater audience" they have to be concidered. Thats the sad truth.
    Common internet users use IE because it was delivered with their computer - and they dont care.


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    Well, if they don't care....

    then they won't mind clicking OK on the warning messages, will they?

    If they do care then they will seriously consider changing to a browser that interprets code correctly

    I write cross browser compatable codes, but obviously I have have no control over browser settings.
    Perhaps you should consider coding your site with out javascripting. As I said in an earlier post...
    There are two ways of doing this. One is with javascript and the other is with csss.
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    Mouseover pic

    can any one tell me a code for mouseover image that looks like this >>>>>>>> prettyface.com <<<<<<< on mouse over same pic opens but little bigger

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