Domain Name: Around 50 pages with pagerank 5. The Deep pages are pagerank 4. 200 Targeted visitors a day and generates at least 10 sales a month which mean's at least $600/month income and increasing. Has reached $1100 income last month and can reach $1500 with more serios work.

All traffic is free and come from Google, Yahoo, Other search engines and link partners. The Main Targeted Keywords Used are: best web hosting, best web hosts, web hosting, web hosts and more. The traffic and income has increased since I moved to another web hosting company last month (LunarPages) and then I discoverd that my old host server has been down more than being up. So this business now is much better than it has ever been.

I can prove all this through my webstat and commission jucntion account. The reson I wana sell is because: I have serios problems with my medicine university and need to move out to another city. Which mean's it has nothing to do with the performance of my website business. E-Mail for more information.