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    Help with link page for association members

    I need help. I belong to an association of DJ's (http://www.americankaraoke.org), and we want to create a link page that each member can put on their site similar to the one I have on mine (http://www.byrequest.dj/akamembers.html) so that we are all linked to each other and all get the benefit of having so many links. Is there a way to make this process very simple so that even non-techie DJ's can understand the process? Because each DJ has their own web host, we can't count on any similarities other than html. The best option I can come up with is just having everyone update their own page when new links are added.

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    Each should do it his/her own way. AVOID any software that handles this for you as it will do you more harm than good.You should also avoid having your pages similiar in any way.

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