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    to or not to specify font sizes

    Now this is really serious. There are some who say that a font size of 10 to 12 points would be good, some others who say that font sizes should be specified in percentage of 80 to 90% and some others who are against specifying font sizes. I wonder which one would be correct on the web usability point of view. Any help?

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    Good question!

    Ahh, one of those holy grail questions...

    For most of the work I do to ensure that I follow ADA specifications for our district, I try to always specify fonts in em sizes and percents, but, as I posted below, there are cons to that too. Until all browsers incorporate the ability to dynamically enlarge web pages (Opera-ish feature), I believe that users should have the ability to scale fonts to their needs; whether that's using {font:70%;} or using the older +1, +2, etc. method.

    The best answer would probably be to determine what the usability of your audience is... for example, on our Intranet, we know and have documented several usability studies and know that we must have font sizes at 10pt or higher, but under 14pt because it will interfere with a 3rd party application's formatting.

    A few good articles include:

    "The trouble with using ems and percents for font strings"

    Usability SIG - Readability Reserach

    SURL - Software Usability Research Lab from my local Wichita State University... great research (coming from someone who doesn't attend there.. LOL!)

    Perhaps an idea for a new forum? Usability and Design or something to that effect? Especially for those of us who are federally funded and must play nice with everyone, it's a huge issue.

    Hope this helps and if you find any other good links, post them up! (^_^)


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