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Thread: Form buttons

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    Form buttons

    I was wondering how i would make a form that send infomation to somewhere i could acses it but so that it dosnt have to open up email or anything like that is there a way to do this without PSP's?

    like the form at the bottom of http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/habbo/en/help/contact/

    and if there isnt a way to do it with out PSP's dose anyone knowany free and easy to use PSP's?

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    Note: response takes for granted this is done using ASP.

    Suggestion #1:

    If you don't have SMTP or anything loaded on that server, I'm a big fan of JMail by http://www.dimac.net/

    1. Just take your form fields and request them into ASP variables.

    2. Use JMail's variables and create your message.

    3. Specify your SMTP server's options.

    4. Send your message.

    Here's a clip of some code I used to send me an email when a particular database record is updated from one of my web sites:

    Dim msg ' As JMail Message Object
    Set msg = Server.CreateObject("JMail.Message")
    msg.From = strAuthName
    msg.FromName = strFullName
    msg.AddRecipient strWebMasterEmail
    msg.Subject = "Database Updated"
    msg.AppendHTML ("Updated database.")
    msg.Send ("wpsmail1")
    Set msg = Nothing
    Suggestion #2:

    Why not pump everything into a Access/mySQL/SQL/Postgres/whatever database? That's nice, easy to access, and no interaction required. You can still use JMail/SMTP/Sendmail to shoot the customer an email after the database has been updated as a "follow-up"...

    Thanks and good luck!


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