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    Smile What do you feel about Google Toolbar?

    Hi guys,
    Just wondering, do you use Google Toolbar? For me, it has made searching much easier now. If you want to get rid of those annoying pop-up, do use it.

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    Hmm... I personally use it. Previously, I had google.com as my homepage... I live, eat, breath, and even search for stuff using Google--at home, I use Opera and it has that functionality is already built in (office domain policies prevent non-IE browsers).

    The pop-up blocker was nice, easy to configure, and typically effective. I'm on XP SP2 now so IE's built in blocker is just as good (IMHO). I did notice that installing SP2 removed Google's toolbar.

    I didn't care for some of the other "accessories" that came with the toolbar (for blogger, the ratings, etc), but that's life. I am not fond that Windows comes happily bundled with a horde of memory leaks and BSoDs. They could improve on it by making it a bit less intrusive, such as how the Google search appears in Opera (small little search box).

    My 0.02$US.


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