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    Question Future of MSIE?

    Hi guys,
    There was a time when people used to use either Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape. But now after the emergence of new browsers like mozilla, opera,Avant etc. people are using IE very less. Just wondering, What's going to be the future of MSIE?
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    I think it depends on the audience. For example, in our organization, we've standardized on IE because we're a Windows Server-based organization and can standardized appearances, bookmarks, etc via group policies. It helps users get what they need (bookmarks and customized portal applications) and administrators get ahead of the game (scripting 20,000 PC software rollout == happy programmer). I have mozilla, opera, firefox, and lynx installed on my workstation, but I wouldn't push them to anyone else--just for compliance testing.

    Developing for the public, the decline in IE-centric designs has been kinda nice. It's forced people to create cleaner code (most browsers aren't as forgiving as IE) and, hopefully, helped shape a better internet. One issue is that it's made developing a bit more difficult since the browsers are not standardized--something that works in Opera might not work in Firefox or IE.

    IE will always be around in one form or another--it's explorer.exe (basically) in Windows with some pretty UI .dll files, but, as you've said, now that we have more options, it's not a necessity anymore.

    Here are a few good articles:





    Good luck with your research.


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