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    Access to a program through web

    Here is the situation, I have a program that sits here in my office on a pc that has a public ip address. I need the ability for various people throught the world to dial this ip address, and run the program. However, and here is the catch, they cannot have the ability to download the program to their pc. This is a liscenceing program that my resellers need to be able to run but not download basiclly. I have tried using remote anywhere program but it is unreliable in certain areas. Any ideas?

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    I'm gathering that this is not a web-based application?

    In that case, there are a few things to consider:

    1. A remote program, such as RAdmin, UltraVNC, or PCAnywhere would work; however, would give these individuals control of your machine--which is typically bad.

    2. You could set it up on a Windows Terminal Server; however, licensing still applies (typically) on such an application... it would consider each remote connection as a license instance (that's how MS does it at least). The program would also need to recognize and be compatable with MSTS.

    3. Is this a database driven program or what? Could a web front end be created and tied to the database?

    Hope this helps you come to a conclusion!


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