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    Was told I need an Asp page.......

    I have a form, my visitors input information in this form. This input will than be used in my .exe file to produce a desired sting of characters, which than need to be presented to my visitor.

    I was told that to accomplish all of this, what I need to do is;
    I need to write and .asp page with javascript that has an object that interacts with my .exe file running in command line.

    The .asp page with javascript interacting with my .exe file in command line will enter the information gathered from my form, and get the result from my .exe file and spit it out on an .html file that the visitor can see on their browser.

    I am not very familiar with server side programming, can anyone help me at all?

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    Talking Re: Was told I need an Asp page.......

    In fact you don't need Javascript or the EXE application at all. From ASP you can use File System Object to create a text file in the server from user input.

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